Thursday, November 8, 2012

Austin Mahone to Open Six Shows on Taylor Swift’s “Red” Tour!!!

Austin Mahone Taylor Swift Concert Tour Dates 2013
Austin Mahone to open for Taylor Swift
If you ever doubted that teen singer Austin Mahone had what it takes to be a pop star – you better think again.

Sixteen year old Austin Mahone just announced that he will be opening six shows for Taylor Swift on her upcoming “Red” tour!

Austin took to Twitter and Facebook to tell his fans that the deal was struck and he will open for Taylor during six of her large-scale arena shows next year.

Austin Mahone told MTV,

"I still can't believe I’m opening for Taylor! I’m so appreciative and excited for this opportunity. Getting to play in stadiums, and it’s with one of the biggest artists in the world! I can't wait!”

It’s not that we didn’t see it coming either...

Austin just recently moved to Miami and signed a record deal with Chase/Universal Republic and his been out on the road performing almost non-stop the last couple of months.

And his new single “Say Something” just hit 90 million views on YouTube.

Mahone has already released the expected tour hookups with Taylor Swift and so far they include:

  • May 4 - Detroit, MI
  • May 25 - Dallas, TX
  • June 15 - Toronto, ON
  • July 6 - Pittsburgh, PA
  • July 27 - Foxboro, MA
  • August 10 - Chicago, IL
By the way, Taylor's new album "Red" shattered all records for first week album sales and it looks like it may well go down in history as one of the most successful albums of all times.

Austin Mahone Shirtless 2013
Austin Mahone Shirtless
We have been watching Austin for almost two years now as his career began to take off and there was never any doubt in our mind that he would hit the big time someday.

When we started seeing Mahomies begging us for a Austin Mahone Shirtless picture page we knew he was building a large fan base that was going to help propel him to the top of the industry.

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Mahone has already met Justin Bieber and Carly Ray Jepson – along with a ton of other famous celebrities, released his first official single, hired a manager and body guard (go Dave!), and is currently working on his first full length album.

Austin Mahone Shirtless on Miami Beach
Austin Mahone
We’re not expecting Austin to become the next Justin Bieber – but we do think he is going to become one of the most successful new artists in a hard to deal with music industry.

Congratulations Austin! You deserve success after all the hard work you have put into your career.

You can see all of our Austin Mahone posts of pictures, videos, interviews, and pranks at our special blog link "Austin Mahone knows Music".

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