Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PHOTO: Justin Bieber Gets New “Owl” Tattoo and Shaves His Head?

Justin Bieber New Crown Tattoo Chest Photo
Bieber's Crown Tattoo
Justin Bieber can add another new tattoo to his growing arsenal of body art!

Bieber just got his eighth tattoo - and this one seems to stray from his established theme of God, Jesus, and religion.

We're still trying to find out what it means... because it IS different than anything else he has.

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Bieber’s new tattoo is of a cartoon Owl standing on a branch and is located on his left arm next to his recent “Believe” tattoo.

Justin posted the following photo to his Instagram,

Justin Bieber shows off his new "Owl" tattoo
Justin Bieber shows off his new "Owl" tattoo

Justin then took to Twitter to say, “Befo the paps get me”, meaning he wanted to show his fans before they saw it in a tabloid photo.

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MTV also published a photo of the Bieb’s new tattoo along with a photo showing what appeared to be Justin with his head shaved…

Justin Bieber shows his shaved head and new Owl tattoo to MTV
Justin Bieber shows a portion of his shaved head to MTV

We’re not sure what to make of all the new ink and shaved head...

All we know is if he keeps it up it's going to be hard to sing "Baby" with a body full of manly new tattoos!

Time will tell…

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