Tuesday, October 23, 2012

VIDEO - Austin Mahone Launches “Austin Mahone Takeover” Web Show with Awesomeness TV

Austin Mahone kisses a fan on stage during a performance Video
Austin Mahone kisses a fan on stage during a performance

Great news for Austin Mahone fans!

Mahone, in connection with YouTube pioneer Awesomeness TV will be launching his first “Austin Mahone Takeover” web show series.

Now, the reason we think this is exciting is that we actually know a little bit about Awesomeness TV and their “Takeover” web series...

Austin Mahone Shirtless Recording Say Something Music Video
Austine Mahone
Last year, Awesomeness TV partnered with singer Greyson Chance to launch his “Greyson Chance Takeover” series - and it has been a big hit.

So far, Greyson Chance has released eighteen weekly "Takeover" web shows that followed him through his 2012 Asian Tour and in the recording studio while he worked on his new EP “Truth Be Told”.

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It looks like Austin Mahone’s Takeover series will follow in the same style as Greyson’s – following Austin around and documenting his rise to fame, and filming his concert performances, radio interviews, meet and greets, behind the scenes stuff, and pranks. (Watch out Dave!!)

Watch the "Austin Mahone Takeover" Trailer

This will really be a big marketing boost for Austin as the weekly shows will quickly gain a larger fan following for the San Antonio Texas singer.

And Mahone just recently released his first professional music video for his single "Say Something" and a behind the scenes video of him on set during the filming.

With this type of high end promotion it won't be long until Mahone is giving Justin Bieber a run for his money. Well, you know what I mean.

Watch Austin Mahone's "Say Something" Music Video

Watch Mahone behind the scenes on "Say Something"

Austin is currently living in Miami Florida with his mother and has started the process of recording his first studio album.

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And the singer just recently returned from travelling overseas to visit London and Germany, and is currently traveling across the U.S. performing at small venues and radio stations.

And we’re pretty sure there is a crew from Awesomeness TV following his every move.

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You will not want to miss this new series and we suspect we will soon begin seeing episodes of Mahone in the studio working on his new album!

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