Thursday, March 1, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Spends his 18th Birthday with Ellen DeGeneres!

Justin and Ellen celebrate JB's 18th birthday!
The entire World took pause today to absorb the reality that pop star Justin Bieber turned 18 years old today!

Bieber’s fans from around the globe turned to twitter and Facebook to try and set a world record worthy of the Guinness World Records book, and for his part Justin spent the day with his pal Ellen DeGeneres.

The videos below highlight Bieber’s visit with Ellen as she “Trucked in” one of his biggest fans, Bieber receiving his gift from his manager Scooter Braun, and visiting the riff-raff room.

The first video is Justin Visiting with Ellen and announcing his new single “Boyfriend” and talking about his charity work.

The next video shows Ellen putting a Bieber super fan on a truck and shipping her to the studio to meet Justin Bieber in person!

The big surprise for the day was Justin’s gift from manager Scooter Braun and Usher Raymond – a brand new Fisker Karma electric car! The Fisker is one of the most expensive and hard to get cars out there right now and Bieber got one!

Watch Justin Bieber get his Fisker Karma Birthday Present
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And to round out the birthday surprises, Ellen had the Audience sing “Happy Birthday” to the Biebs before heading out to the Riff Raff room to visit with the overflow audience!

So there you have it -  the birthday celebration of the most famous 18-year-old on the planet.

Now we suspect Justin will spend a quiet evening with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and have a nice romantic dinner and…….. well…

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

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