Friday, March 16, 2012

VIDEO - Actor George Clooney Arrested At Sudan Rally

George Clooney moments before his arrest
Actor George Clooney was arrested today at the Sudanese Embassy for protesting against Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir’s war crimes.

Clooney was arrested in front of the media and led away in handcuffs after making an impassioned plea over human rights issues including rape, violence, torture, starvation and other various atrocities taking place in the country.

Clooney is seeking help in getting humanitarian aid into the ravaged country to help stem the daily deaths and violence currently happening in the Sudan.

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Clooney seemed concerned about his father who was also at the rally saying he was over 70 years old and had never been arrested before.

Go get ‘em George!

George Clooney being led away in hand cuffs
If our own Government won’t take the time to help those in the Sudan because they are too busy trying to get re-elected and maintain their elite power in Washington, then it’s time for the rich and powerful to make a noise in their place.

Sad but true.

Thanks George Clooney… this is why we love you.

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