Saturday, March 17, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Creates New Boy Band – Postpones Upcoming “Believe” Album

Justin Bieber, Adam Levine and Kenny Hamilton in the studio
In what teen Popstar Justin Bieber says is both happy and sad news, he has announced the formation of a new boy band and the postponement of his upcoming album “Believe”.

Bieber’s new super group will be called “The Whirling Dervishes” and consist of Bieber, his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton, and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine.

Bieber made the announcement with his fellow band mates earlier this week on a video made while working in the studio.

Prank! It’s good to see Justin looking so chipper and happy and we miss the days when his practical jokes were a daily event.

And, oh yea… there is no new band, and Believe is still on track for release and his new single “Boyfriend” is just around the corner.

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