Monday, February 27, 2012

VIDEO - Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Release New Cover for “Call Me Maybe”

Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Cover "Call Me Maybe"
While the rest of us were watching the Oscars and surprised to see Justin Bieber and Billy Crystal perform a little comedy sketch, Austin Mahone and his friend Alex Constancio were busy uploading their new cover song to YouTube!

In what is probably one of the best collaborative cover tunes produced by Austin and Alex so far, and this time they invited their friends Robert V, Rach D, Tyler S, Connor H, Frankie R, Jackie V, and Regan R to be part of the action!

Last night, Alex and Austin released their music video cover for the new Carly Rae Jepsen single “Call Me Maybe” – and it was great!

Jepson is now part of the Bieber management team so we can expect to see more from her in the coming months.

And for anybody living under a rock who doesn’t know who Austin Mahone is, then you should get up to speed:

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And as we reported last month, we think Mahone is getting close to a record deal.

Mahone just released his FIRST single, “11:11” that he performed live in Aurora during his Valentine's Day Concert - and it’s shooting up the social media charts and is currently only trailing Joe Jonas.

Watch Austin Mahone's 11:11 Music Video

But there are a lot of reasons we think Austin Mahone is getting close to a record deal – and you can read about them here:

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Austin has built a loyal following of fans across all levels of social media and as a bonus, is not afraid to take his shirt off and show his fans a little teen idol style swag!

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Keep your eye on this kid. This is going to be Austin’s year and soon he will be hailed as another young artist who was discovered on YouTube!

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