Friday, February 24, 2012

PHOTO - National Enquirer’s Whitney Houston Coffin Photo Cover Strikes a Nerve.

A new round of disgust is running rampant on the internet as the tabloid magazine National Enquirer has decided to lead this month’s edition with a picture of a Whitney Houston casket photo showing the deceased singer in her coffin.

But should anyone really be surprised?

Several news organizations have criticized the magazine saying it is in bad taste and is not showing the family the privacy they have requested.

The cover photo shows Houston in her open casket during her memorial service.

Whitney Houston Death Photo on Enquirer Cover

The controversy erupted when the National Enquirer purchased a photo from somebody on the “inside” and chose to run it on the cover of their current edition.

News organizations across the country are hearing that fans are angry and feel the casket picture is in bad taste and the tabloid is simply trying to cause controversy to sell magazines.

This is how things work in Hollywood – nothing is sacred and everything is open for exploitation if money is involved.

The National Inquirer has run death photos of Elvis, John Lennon, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and others.

Celebrity death photos are commonly in high demand and will sell to the highest bidder.

Welcome to the real World of Hollywood and death!

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