Monday, June 8, 2009

Steven Colbert Shaves His Head For Iraq Shows

Comedy Central comedian and funnyman Steven Colbert is off to Camp Victory in Baghdad this week to tape his shows and entertain the troops.

After weeks of super secrecy, a little bit of news has leaked out - the host of "The Colbert Report" has shaved his head military style!

That's right. The ultra conservative comedian, wearing a camouflage suit, had General Raymond Odierno shave his head during the first show.

The four shows are being taped in the domed marble hall at Saddam Hussein's former Al Faw Palace will air this week starting Monday.

Colbert has promoted the trip for weeks, but only vaguely because the military urged caution and would not let him divulge much information.

Instead, he introduced segments with the theme: "Where in the World and When in Time is Stephen Colbert Going to Be in the Persian Gulf?"

The shows are the first ever cable comedy show to be broadcast and transmitted from a war zone.

Way to go Steven!

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