Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Finds His OLLG Debhani Guzman Torres in Mexico Thanks to Twitter Fans

Justin Bieber found his one less lonely girl last night in Monterrey Mexico – and there’s a GREAT story behind this one.

You see, last month when Bieber announced his South American Tour dates, the shows sold out in minutes – causing fans to hyperventilate and yell and scream in anguish.

Cameras at the Monterrey venue in Mexico caught one disappointed fan, Debhani Guzman Torres, in such distress that she fell to the ground crying.

You can see Debhani in the video below.

Well, Bieber took to twitter only 24 hours before hitting the stage in Monterrey asking his twitter followers to help him find Torres.

“I need everyone's help. We have LESS than 24 hours. We need to find this girl… she is at the 30 sec mark. HELP! Thanks.”

Within hours Bieber’s twitter followers had found Torres and given the information to JB’s tour manager who tracked her down, gave her free concert tickets, and made Torres the “One less lonely girl” at Friday night’s concert.

Aww…. What a sweat story.

Debhani Guzman Torres at Bieber's Monterrey Concert

After the show Bieber took to twitter to say,

“I just met a very special fan...thanks to the help of all of you. She said "things like this don’t happen to people like me"...Yes they do! #dreamBIG and NEVER SAY NEVER”

See, this is why Justin’s fans love him so much.

The Bieb’s has also completed his Christmas album due November 1st and we have already had a chance to listen to one of the songs…. kind of…

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From Mexico Bieber’s tour continues to Peru, Chile, Brazil Columbia and Venezuela before returning to the U.S. in November.

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