Friday, September 30, 2011

Video - First Listen – Justin Bieber “Under the Mistletoe” Collaboration with The Band Perry

Bieber "On Set"
Justin Bieber and his crew were in Franklin Tennessee earlier this week working on his Christmas Video and we got to hear the first sounds of one of the new songs!

Well, we actually got to hear a somewhat garbled version of the backing track used during the video shoot for “Under the Mistletoe” featuring The Band Perry.

Somebody on the crew was recording the shoot while the backing track was being played – maybe not realizing the implications of his actions if it got leaked to YouTube.

Bieber’s Christmas Album titled “Under the Mistletoe” is already being presold on Amazon and will be released on November 1st.

Bieber's friend and mentor Ryan Good showed off his personal interpretive Christmas dance skills while hundreds of fans cheered him on, and at one point the crowd grew so large that production had to be temporarily stopped while Bieber addressed the crowd during a break.

Bieber then led the crowd of fans in a medley of Christmas songs and danced with Santa before resuming production of the music video.

Now that filming is done Bieber and his team are headed to Mexico to kick of the South American segment of his popular My World Tour.

JB will hit up Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia before returning to the United States to officially kick off his Christmas Album release.

Before hitting the road, Justin did have time this week to spend with his family and took the time to snap a few Bieber family photos of his younger brother and sister for his supporters.

Merry Bieber Christmas!

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