Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justin Bieber Shares Family Photos of Sister Jazzy With the World – Aww, How Cute!

Jazzy, Jeremy, Justin and Pattie
On the eve of leaving for Mexico to kick off the next leg of his My World South American Concert Tour, Justin Bieber took some time earlier this week to reunite with his divorced Father, Jeremy Bieber, his little sister Jazzy and brother Jaxon.

Jazzy, now three years old, lives with Justin’s Dad in Canada and doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to see her big brother. Jazzy has a younger brother named Jaxon who was born last year.

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But this week the three reunited and took the opportunity to snap a few family photos to share with the world.

Justin and Jazzy Bieber enjoy breakfast at Waffle House
Justin And Jaxon Bieber share a tender moment
Jeremy, Justin and Jazzy shopping at Walmart
Justin and Jazzy catch some zzz's before leaving on tour
Justin and Selena Gomez with their "Extended" family
In addition to the family pictures, Jazzy is now the proud owner of her very own twitter account.

Jazzy’s twitter account can be found at @JazzyKBiebz, and while she has not tweeted anything yet has over 100,000 followers.

And that is not going over very well with @Justins_Cat, a twitter account setup by “Spaz” – Justin Bieber’s pet cat who has taken to twitter to share funny pictures, stories, and inside information about all things Justin.

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For now the entire Bieber family is on their way to Mexico to kick of the next leg of Justin’s tour and will hit up Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Good luck on tour JB and keep the family safe!

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  1. Awwwww Justin is soooo cute!!! He is absolutely the best!!! My christimas was okay but wht would make it even better is if I could see him in concert and be the One Less Lonely Girl..... I love u Justin and u and selena are soooo cute together!!!

  2. he really loves jazzy (and jaxon to) omg the cutiest thing i've ever seen i love u justin and selena gomez <3


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