Friday, June 24, 2011

Video - Miley Cyrus Rushed on Stage by Crazy Fan During Australian Concert

Pop singer Miley Cyrus was rushed by a crazed fan during her “Gypsy Heart” tour in Melbourne Australia last night.

She had just finished her popular song “The Climb” when a crazed fan jumped on the stage and attempted to grab Miley.

Fortunately, security guards ran to her aid and pulled the female fan away from Cyrus and threw her off the stage. Ouch!

Miley was visibly shaken and can be heard saying “Oh my God…” when the fan was grabbed by security.

The attack is at the end of the video…

Watch Crazed Fan Rush Miley Cyrus during Concert

Miley’s troubles come just a day after another young pop star, Justin Bieber, was attacked at an event on Harold Square in New York City while doing press for his new perfume “Someday.”

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Some reports say it was a miscommunication among off-duty security guards but some eyewitnesses say a man charged Bieber and attacked him before being subdued by security.

No if we could just get somebody to attack Lady Gaga and knock her down a peg or two – where’s Chris Brown when you need him?

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