Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Loses a Job over a Blowjob – Video

When Frank “Confrontation” Sorrentino said he was going after his son Mike, he wasn’t kidding.

In addition to bashing “The Situations” agent, the cast of Jersey Shore, the MTV Producers on site in Italy, and others, he is now going after Mike’s sexual prowess.

Mike’s dad released a new video recanting a story about getting “The Situation” a job back in the day, but says he lost it after getting a blowjob by one of the female employees and getting caught.

Instead of walking away in shame, Mike brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company owner– and family friend of dad Frank.


But we’ll let Frank tell you in his own words.

As we have reported, Frank is dumping on his son Mike in an effort to sell a “tell all” book about his estranged relationship with the Jersey Shore actor.

Frank also went on the radio yesterday but refused to apologize for the videos and didn’t seem to think they were necessarily hurtful or disrespectful of his son.


A recap of the fast moving family feud is below:

As of Thursday, several of Frank’s YouTube videos had been reported as having severe language and racial overtones and appear to have been sanctioned by the site.

Most were still available if the viewer acknowledged their mature content.

Stay tuned. This is starting to turn as ugly as a drunken Snooki.

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