Friday, April 1, 2011

Rebecca Black, ‘Behind The Music’ Parody on Funny Or Die – Hilarious!

Poor Rebecca Black.

The website Funny or Die did a great parody of the infamous VH1 “Behind the Music” called “Betwixed The Music” and this week’s target – “Friday” singer Rebecca Black.

In this classic comedic parody, the video showcases her “Rise to fame” and then her tragic downfall and untimely death from the dark side of success.

One girl, with one song, about one day…. The road was not easy. After hours of struggle, she finally hit the big time.

Leave it to FunnyOrDie to pick up on this terrible 15 minutes of fame. There is even a cameo from Van Halen front man Sammy Hager.

Black tells in her own words about what happened when the dark side of fame came knocking on her door.

The parties where she was offered the hard stuff - Pixy Stix, Tootsie Rolls, late night parties, and the one time Jay Leno offered her a Werther’s Original.

Oh the shame, the agony, the pity, and the tragedy that was Rebecca Black. We only wish this whole mess was just an April fool’s joke.

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