Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen Tripping On Cocaine Ustream Video

We’re getting close folks.

Charlie Sheen just rolled out his latest Sheen’s Korner on Ustream and the actor is clearly falling apart before our very eyes.

It makes you wonder after watching this video if it is enough to get somebody to pull a 5150 Psychological Hold. Remember Britney Spears?

In his latest rant Sheen is clearly under the influence of something. He chain smokes, hides behind a table, and runs his hands through his hair which has not been combed for days.

There is no trace of anyone else at the house. No assistant, no Goddesses, no nothing. Sad, it looks like he is spiraling down by himself in an ironic public display.

It’s been a long day for Charlie.

CBS/Warner brothers has not only cancelled Two and a Half Men for the 2010/2011 season, but today sent Sheen’s lawyers a termination letter.

In other words, Charlie has been fired.

No word if the show will continue – only that Charlie will not be a part of it.

He also lost on the custody front and has said he will be in court on Tuesday to try and work out a custody deal. We guess it aint gonna happen.

Watch Sheen’s Korner Torpedo of Truth from Monday Night

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