Friday, September 5, 2008

New Jerry Seinfeld And Bill Gates Microsoft Ad Gets Thumbs Down

We watched it. And we didn't get it. We're talking about the new Microsoft television ad starring funnyman Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

In the commercial, Jerry Seinfeld is in a mall when he sees Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates at a "Shoe Circus" store. The comedian then helps Gates pick out a new pair of shoes while they joke about showering with clothes on, Gates being a size 10, and platinum credit cards for a fictional shoe store.

The ad has drawn mostly negative reviews after premiering Thursday night during NBC's broadcast of the National Football League's season kickoff game. The spot was the beginning of a highly publicized $300 million advertising campaign that Microsoft is launching to try and combat Apple's popular television commercials.

It's a madcap ad that says a lot in 90 seconds, but there is no direct mention of Microsoft or its operating system, Vista. Microsoft says this is just a teaser ad and there is much more to follow. But we think they have a long way to go if they are going to dethrone the popular Mac vs PC commercials.

You be the judge:

Watch Jerry Seinfeld And Bill Gates Microsoft Commercial


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