Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon Condemns Sarah Palin - "Terrifying Possibility" - Watch Video

Actor Matt Damon has made his position clear while speaking out in a YouTube video about the Republican Party's choice of hockey-mom Sarah Palin for Vice President.

Damon compares the addition of Palin to the John McCain ticket to "a really bad Disney movie", and thinks it is crazy that this woman could become President, which he thinks is a really terrifying possibility.

Damon feels "there is a good chance that Palin will become president", apparently concerned about the age of hopeful John McCain, and says he does not want "a hockey mom from a small town in Alaska starring down Vladimir Putin."

Damon does seem to bring up some good points, and we have also wondered why everyone in the media as turned Sara Palin into a super-star. A year ago she was asked on camera about the VP position and she said she didn't even know what the Vice President did all day.

Compared to the years of experience that Democratic VP pick Joseph Biden brings to the table, we think the Palin choice may have been the end to John McCain's chances for the White House.

Watch Matt Damon Criticize Sarah Palin


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