Friday, March 30, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Sean Kingston – Full Episode!

Justin Bieber on the set of Punk'd
Justin Bieber kicked off season 9 of MTV’s recharged “Punk’d” prank show Thursday night and showed us all why he is the master prankster!

The full season 9 episode one video is at the bottom of this post and the individual prank highlights are also below.

Bieber first went after his friend Taylor Swift by having her shoot off fireworks from a Malibu beach house. The fireworks accidentally landed on a boat where a wedding was taking place and the boat caught on fire ruining the wedding.

The participants swam ashore and were none too happy with Taylor, Bieber, and Ryan Good for causing the mishap.

Watch “On Fire” - Justin Bieber punks Taylor Swift

Bieber’s next prank was supposed to be on Fantasy Factory guru Rob Dyrdek but the prank fell apart when Dyrdek realized what was going on and called out a rat.

Watch – “We have a problem” punk with Bieber and Dyrdek

After Dyrdek foiled the initial prank he teamed with Bieber to re-punk Justin’s friend Sean Kingston.

The deal was Kingston was to meet with Justin and Rob at a swanky Hollywood restaurant to discuss a charity project when a couple at the table next to them started to argue. The women got up and left - only to return by driving her car into the restaurant!

Watch Sean Kingston getting Punk’d by Justin Bieber

Bieber’s final punk was on Miley Cyrus. This was probably the cutest one because Bieber turned the table on Miley and actually Punk’d HER instead of her punking him!

Miley arrived on location for what she thought was going to be a prank on Justin Bieber by having some tough guys badmouth the Bieb’s when he arrived at on office building.

But Bieber turned the tables by getting aggressive and beating up one of the guys and then disappeared. While Miley was freaking out, Bieber snuck around back to tell her “I can NEVER be Punk’d”. By the look on her face you can tell Cyrus was blown away and was not expecting it!

Watch Miley Cyrus getting Punk’d by Justin Bieber

We are really glad MTV decided to bring this show back.

Ashton Kutcher plays the role of Executive Producer so you don’t get to see him on screen but the music, format, and style of the new show is the same and we love it.

Watch Punk’d Season 9 Episode 1 - Full Episode

You can visit the MTV Punk’d website for promos of the upcoming shows and from what we see it looks like this is going to be a great season.

With his new single “Boyfriend” trending at #1 on iTunes, a new album “Believe” in the works, and a summer tour coming up – we think Bieber is hitting on all cylinders right now!

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