Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central Show Cancelled – Network Mum on Suspension

Stephen Colbert Show Temporarily Suspended
If you tuned in to Comedy Central Wednesday night to watch Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Report” you may have been disappointed.

Instead of a new “Colbert Report” viewers were met with a rerun and this confused a lot of people since both Jon Stewart on Colbert have just returned from vacation.

Audience members who had been waiting in line most of the day were suddenly met by a producer who told them the Wednesday show would not be taped and the show had been suspended at least through the week and maybe longer.

A note was then posted reading,

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have canceled our taping for the date of your ticket reservation, February 15, 2012.”

Comedy Central has been mum on the situation and has not even released a press statement and have already scheduled a repeat for Thursday night as well.

But don’t panic.

Jon Stewart’s show has been cancelled on two occasions – first when his daughter was born and again when a staff member died unexpectedly.

The only time Colbert has even come close to having to cancel a show was when he broke his wrist in front of an audience but continued on and didn’t miss the following days taping.

Stephen Colbert on the set of the "Colbert Report"
We suspect the cancellation has to do with an illness or death of a staff member or somebody in Colbert’s family.

If was due to a political problem or something Colbert said during his show the Comedy Central Network would be on top of it and already issued a press statement.

You never now… Stephen could be using his unused Super Pac money and flying into space with Richard Branson, or running for President in another country, or solving World hunger, or meeting with the Pope.

Bottom line is we’re sure we will all now the facts fairly soon and life will resume normally and this will turn out to be a non-issue.

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