Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PHOTOS - Justin Bieber Hides Face Behind Gold Mask at Venice Beach – Creepy?

Ryan Butler and Justin Bieber in gold mask at Venice Beach
Justin Bieber was spotted at Venice Beach last weekend with his dad and best friend Ryan Butler, and he… well… was freaking people out a little bit.

Bieber was wearing a gold mask while photographers snapped pictures, and at one point took up a basketball game while still wearing the mask.

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Bieber plays basketball wearing a gold mask

Nobody really knows if Bieber was trying to conceal his identity, playing a practical joke, or just being a nut.

Bieber has already come under some scrutiny for inking a tattoo of Jesus on his left leg, and now he’s parading around in gold masks…

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Justin’s dad Jeremy was also along for the ride at Venice Beach and was seen showing off his new tattoo of….. uh, well… flowers.

Bieber's left leg Jesus Tattoo and Dad's new floral ink

There’s nothing like a nice floral bouquet to show others how hard core you are.

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This makes three tattoos and one gold mask. Let’s hope this doesn’t go much farther.

For now, Bieber says he is back in the studio working on songs for his upcoming 2012 album release of “Believe”.

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