Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adam Lambert and Boyfriend Arrested in Finland After Bar Fight!

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen
American Idol runner up and Glam King Adam Lambert was arrested in Helsinki this morning after getting into a bar fight at a gay club in Finland.

The “What Do You Want From Me” singer became involved in the fight with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen while still inside the bar but witnesses say they went outside to cool off but again started to fight.

Lambert and Koskine
TMZ is reporting that Lambert was even fighting with bystanders who were trying to break to two lovebirds apart.

Both Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were arrested and transported to a jail in Helsinki and later released after being questioned by police.

Neither Adam nor Sauli were injured and no arrests were made.

Sauli later went online to say,

"Publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!"

Lambert was not on tour but was vacationing with his boyfriend Sauli who was born in Finland.

The fight broke out in a gay club called “Don't Tell Mama”.

Love hurts…

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