Friday, September 9, 2011

Watch - Avril Lavigne “Wish You Were Here” New Music Video

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has come out of the dark to release her newest music video for her single “Wish You Were Here”.

The song is the fourth track on her latest album “Goodbye Lullaby” which includes other successful hits like “What the hell” and “Black Star”.

While the album’s release date was pushed back several times, Lavigne says,

"I write my own music and, therefore, it takes me longer to put out records 'cause I have to live my life to get inspiration,"

Watch Avril Lavigne’s “Wish You Were Here” Music Video

Dang, she is so hot.

Avril is currently on tour in Rome this week as part of her “Black Star Tour” and will then travel to Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia, before returning to Canada to complete the tour in Montreal on October 25th.

She is also busy promoting her perfume fragrances “Forbidden Rose” and “Black Star” and her clothing line at

Lavigne says she is also busy working with her charitable organization the “Avril Lavigne Foundation”.

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