Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama's Limo Gets Stuck on Speed Bump in Ireland – Video

He has the most expensive armor plated limo in the world.

He travels with 15 vehicles as part of his motorcade.

President Barack Obama’s limo is the most advance vehicle ever built, with oxygen tanks and secret weapons on-board that are only seen in the movies.

So what brought his limo to a screeching halt today in Ireland?

A speed bump.

Obama was visiting Ireland on Monday and as his motorcade left the Dublin Embassy his top-secret Cadillac Limousine clipped a speed bump causing a screeching sound that brought him to a dead stop.

You can see, and hear, in the video that the car directly ahead of the Presidents was able to clear the obstacle but clearly bottomed out as well.

But when Obama’s vehicle tried to make it over the same bump…… well, we’ll let the video show you what happened.

Watch President Obama Hit Speed Bump in Ireland

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