Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Video - Simon Cowell Calls Paula Abdul a Dog – And Other Reasons America Hates Him

It’s no secret that we hate Simon Cowell here at InfoStar.

He is rude, indulgent, vain, sarcastic, and a douche bag.

But Monday night on “The Jay Leno” show on NBC he really came across as a jerk.

Simon started by telling Jay about his morning routine that starts with hitting the snooze bar three times before he wakes up around noon.

Then his housekeepers walk in with his three course breakfast before drawing his bath and injecting a vitamin cocktail into him through an IV.

After breakfast and his bath he watches cartoons…..

We’re not making this up!

Listen to the audience groan as he goes on and on…

After slamming fellow “X Factor” judge Nicole Scherzinger, Simon proceeded to dump on L.A. Reid.

Maybe that’s why we don’t like Simon – he just isn’t funny.

Okay, that’s not the really dickish part.

He then turned on fellow judge Paula Abdul saying their reunion was like picking up a lost dog from the pound.

Watch it - you’ll see what we mean.

You see – THIS is why we hate Simon Cowell and the rest of America is starting to.

We would like to see the new “X Factor” succeed because we like L.A. Reid and Paula - sometimes.

But we hope the backlash against Simon is so bad that viewers learn to dislike him as much as we do.

And don’t even get us started on Piers Morgan…

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