Friday, August 5, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber’s Shawty Mane Raps on Chris Brown's New Single “Ladies Love Me”

Okay, we get that Justin Bieber wants to break out of his bubble gum “Baby” image and start his career anew with his next album.

But we’re not sure if hard core rap is going to be his thing.

Bieber just released a new track of his alter ego Shawty Mane rapping with infamous hip hop stars David Banner and Chris Brown on Brown’s latest single “Ladies Love Me” from his upcoming mix tape.

Maybe we are missing something, but this song seems to be missing a beat or two. The backing track sounds very superficial and the drums sound about as fake as they can be.

Also, the turntable scratch seems too load and it all seems like it was mixed by a kindergartener.

Listen To Justin Bieber Rap as Shawty Mane with Chris Brown

What do you think?

I hope this is not an indication of what Bieber plans to release with his new album later this year.

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This song almost sounds like something they threw together playing around in the studio as a joke.

But then again, maybe we are missing something.

We know that the Biebs is trying to appear more mature and “manly” these days to help break away from his younger teen-idol mold, but were not sure if this kind of music suits him – or his huge established base of fans.

We also don’t think pranking a Burger King employee and coning on video while cruising around in a $400,000 Rolls-Royce and getting pulled over by the cops will help either.

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It does seem that Bieber is now back in the studio full time after taking a much needed break from touring.

He has tweeted several times that he is in the studio and even released a few photos of him and Brown coming and going.

Justin and Dad get tattoos
He has also taken some time off to help jump-start his girlfriend Selena Gomez’s tour that kicked off last week.

Justin was seen at her debut concert in Boca Raton Florida before being chased by fans and getting caught with his pants down on a Miami hotel balcony - shirtless and wearing only a pair of grey boxer shorts.

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Time will tell how this young artist wishes to portray himself to the public and to his fans. But we hope he treads lightly with the rap because we’re just not sure if his fans will go for it.

But for now, Justin Bieber is Shawty Mane...

Are you a fan? Would you want to hear more rap like this from Justin?

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