Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber’s “Director Fan Cut DVD” is Out! Sneak Peek!

For those Justin Bieber fans that just can’t get enough of the teen singing sensation – your wait is over.

The final “Directors Fan Cut DVD” of “Never Say Never” is out and the fans are gobbling it up.

The new fan version adds tons of extras including Justin on his Segway, thirty minutes of new footage, and the removal of some footage deemed “unnecessary”.

Jon Chu, who directed the DVD, says,

“We listened to Justin’s fans after the release of the original Never Say Never and the message was clear. They wanted to see more Justin and less concert stuff and fluff footage. So we packed this fan cut version with everything they asked for!”

Indeed, this version contains over one hour of additional special features and new intimate moments of Justin while on tour.

There is a sneak peek inside his tour bus with Kenny Hamilton and footage of Bieber on his favorite toy – his Segway.

There is new footage of Bieber interacting with his golden ticket winners and more segments of him talking and dancing.

We suspect this fan cut version of Never Say Never will do well.

After the release of the first cut, lots of fans were disappointed that there was so little “Justin” in the movie.

One fan said,

“We wanted to see more Justin. We wanted to hear him talk and learn more about him. They cut everything together so fast you could barely see anything. Most of the footage was stuff on YouTube and things we had already seen before. We wanted to see new things. It was kind of a letdown.”

Jon Chu and his team heard the message loud and clear and agreed to release a new version in an effort to keep Bieber’s fans happy and in love with the singer.

Another fan commented,

“We thought the movie was going to have a lot of Justin talking with his crew, family, fans, and friends. It was a letdown because there was actually very little of Justin talking or being personal. We had already seen most of the footage and the 3D parts were kind of not needed and not very impressive. We wanted more Justin!”

Beiber spent months on the road doing press junkets telling everybody “This is not going to be a concert movie”, when it fact that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

One of the sweetest additions to the Fan Cut is the video clip below where a young girl is asked to come on stage and help sing with Justin. It shows the deep emotion the star shares with his fans and will probably make you cry.

We loved it!

Watch Justin Bieber sing with a young fan on stage

Initial sales numbers show the Fan Cut is off to a good start and will add to the profit from the first incarnation that pulled in over $75 million worldwide.

Bieber is back in the studio as we speak putting the finishing touches on his new album titled “Believe” due to hit stores later this year.

Bieber has also announced new South American and Latin American tour dates starting in September and will be the continuation of his “My World” concert tour.

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He is also scheduled to start work on a movie this summer and has been traveling with his girlfriend Selena Gomez on her first concert tour.

When Justin Bieber is not getting new tattoos with his dad or getting caught shirtless in his underwear in Miami or coning in a Rolls Royce with his friends he is still tries to be just a normal kid – but is that even possible at this stage of the game?

Oh yea, now Justin’s pet cat “Spaz” even has his own twitter account at @Justins_Cat recounting to his followers the intimate private details of the singers daily life.

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Is there anything this kid can’t do?

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