Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Justin Bieber to Honor ‘Mama Jan’ at Hall of Fame Awards

Mama Jan and her boys
Her real name is Jan Smith.

But most of Justin Bieber’s fans know her as Mama Jan.

Smith was featured in Bieber's 3D movie “Never Say Never” and has been his vocal coach and mentor since he started his career in Atlanta.

But Jan is much more than Justin's vocal coach. She works with some of the top talent and breaking artists in the industry and has been in the music business for 54 years.

Now, Justin has a chance to show a little love in return when he performs at the 33rd annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards on September 17th.

The event will not be a concert or full length show, but rather a tribute performance honoring Mama Jan as she is inducted this year into the Hall of Fame.

Jan said,

“Justin’s working on a new record that’s going to be a benchmark for him. His fans are certainly waiting to see what he’s going to do next. ”

Both Bieber and his career mentor Usher are expected to be in attendance, as will Toni Braxton, Judy Argo, and Hall Johnson.

The event will be held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta Georgia.

In addition to working as a vocal coach, Jan is also co-founder of The Bridge Music Foundation – a unique organization that helps develop young artists by giving them the necessary resources while protecting them from the pitfalls of the music business.

Jan commented,

“We believe that music is art, and that artists are capable of producing their best music when they have access to the proper development tools and mentors to help them refine their talents. Bridge Music Foundation leverage their relationships and industry insight in order to provide each selected artist with a world-class team that is custom tailored for their specific needs.”

In fact, if you follow Mama Jan on twitter you can see some of her posts and photos of the Bridge Foundation event last week.

Way to go Mama Jan!

And congratulations on FINALLY getting verified on twitter.

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