Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo - Rep. Weiner Busted – New Photos Shoot Holes in His “Hacked” Twitter Theory

Update 2: More semi-nude photos of Weiner appear in the Congressional gym and locker room. 

Update: Watch Weiner's Washington DC Press Conference video

Poor Representative Anthony Weiner.

We really wanted to believe him.

After last week’s scandal involving a male crotch photo said to be sent from Representative Anthony Weiner’s twitter account to a young female, new photos and additional information has emerged that may shoot holes in his “hacked twitter account” theory.

The website BigGovernment broke the original story, and now it appears that the alleged crotch photo was sent using TweetDeck – the same utility that Weiner routinely used for his own use.

But today, several new photos appeared that put’s Weiner’s statement “I cannot say with certitude that’s not me in the photo…” into question.

New Photo Of Anthony Weiner Emerges

He can’t say the original crotch photo was not him because it appears there may be other pictures floating around.

In addition to the above photo, another photo showing Weiner sitting on his couch with his two cats had the caption ““Me and the pussys”.

Me and the pussys - note cats in background

Now we may now why he was not able to deny “with certitude” that the first photo was not him.Looks like Weinergate will not be going away anytime soon.

When are these politicians going to learn not to take pictures of their dick?

When will they learn to not record inappropriate phone conversations?

When will they learn not to lie?

I know we can never have a Government with total angels on staff, but why must they always fall prey to their own pride, ego, money and power?

Not to mention the time, money, and effort spent in the resulting cover ups.

It must be something in their DNA.

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