Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo – More Anthony Weiner Semi-Nude Photos Emerge From Congressional Gym and Locker Room

Poor Anthony Weiner.

You would think with a last name like that the LAST thing he would do is get involved in a scandal involving his…. well, you know…

You would think that someone in Washington would have more sense than to take a picture of his wiener and send it to a twitter follower.

But after an already scandalous week where Mr. Weiner joked, lied, confessed, cried, and said he is seeking treatment - more graphic photos have emerged.

This snowball just keeps rolling and rolling….

TMZ is reporting that Weiner took numerous partially nude photos of his iron-clad body while working out in the basement of the Rayburn building where the Congressional gym and locker room are located.

A few of them show him grabbing his weiner while taking a photo of his reflection in a mirror.

Because this happened on Government property this may be the fine line that forces him to resign.

We’re sure his wife is really proud of him. After all, she is pregnant with their first child and he is about to lose his job.

And what about this “treatment” he is seeking?

How exactly do you treat for being a narcissistic horney middle aged man with a bad streak of pride and a haughty spirit?

We don’t know of any doctors that can help, but we do know of a treatment program that is absolutely free.

It’s called karma.

Check back tomorrow for more on “The Curious Case of Weiner’s Wiener”

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