Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo – New Anthony Weiner Cross Dressing Photos Found - Busted.

Update: Anthony Weiner Resigns - Video

Rep Anthony Weiner just can’t catch a break.

After releasing a photo of his crotch over twitter, new photos emerged of him half naked in the Congressional gym and locker room.

Then there were the embarrassing emails between him and a female talking about oral sex and erections.

Then we found out his wife was pregnant with their first child.

And to top off Weiner’s epic fail, his coworkers on the hill, as well as President Obama, have called for him to resign.

Now, new photos have come to light from the National Enquirer of a cross dressing and oiled up teenage Weiner wearing women’s lingerie.

This may well be the final straw for poor Anthony.

We’ll post more photos as we find them.

This snowball just keeps rolling down hill, and frankly we are amazed Weiner is still able to walk down the street with a straight face.

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