Thursday, June 9, 2011

Google Doodle Honors Legendary Les Paul and His Guitars

Google has honored legendary guitar player and builder Les Paul today with their Google doodle.

The doodle, which appears on the search engines home page, is an interactive graphic that allows you to play guitar chords.

But this doodle is different – it actually allows you to record your strumming and then saves it to a shortened URL. You can then post it to your favorite social media site.

One cool thing about this doodle is you can use your keyboard instead of the mouse so you can actually play a song if you know the guitar chords or notes.

Mark my words, by the end of the day there will be some really awesome recordings floating around. InfoStar will post a few good finds later today.

Les Paul would have been 96 today.

Paul was a pioneer in the advancement of the solid-body electric guitar which made the sound of rock and roll possible. He was also one of the first performers to record using overdubbing and effects such as delay, reverb, and phase shifting.

Kudos to Google for one of their best and innovative doodles so far!

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