Thursday, June 9, 2011

Was That Justin Bieber on America’s Got Talent? No - It Was Dani Shay - Video

Meet Dani Shay From Orlando
We all know who Justin Bieber is.

No one knew who Dani Shay was…

Until last night.

Meet Dani Shay, Justin Bieber’s identical twin look-a-like doppelganger.

Twenty-two year old Dani is a splitting image of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber – and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Shay hails from Orlando Florida and is a singer songwriter who considers herself part of the Indie, acoustic, folk genre – NOT the teenage bubble gum puppy love genre.

And she’s not a boy – she’s a girl and proud of it.

In fact, back when people started telling her she was a splitting image of Bieber she didn’t even know who they were talking about.

Over time, it got to be such a problem she wasn’t really sure how to deal with it - so she pleaded with fans to take a deeper look at her – and not just look at the surface.

She made her plea via YouTube with the following video:

As Biebermania exploded, Shay grew frustrated that all anybody wanted to hear her play at her live shows was “Baby”. So she set out to rectify the problem with her own version of Bieber’s hit song “Baby” – she called it “What the Hell?”

Dani says she wrote the “Baby” parody as her way to fight back when people saw her for who THEY wanted her to be and not the person she really was.

Dani says,

“I am stopped everywhere I go because people think I am Justin Bieber. Before I even knew who he was, no matter what I was wearing, I would be asked for photos, autographs. “What The Hell” was my response to that. It expresses my initial confusion, the shock when I finally saw his face, the frustration with people only seeing him when they see me.”

Watch Dani Shay sing “What the Hell” Baby Parody

Dani very much has her own musical style, and even covers an Eminem song, but her biggest frustration was being compared to Bieber.

Her solo album “See Me Now” can be purchased from her website, and she will autograph it on request and refers to it as her “pre-fame” album.

So, will Dani Shay become famous?

After last night - the answer is probably yes!

You see, Shay took the stage at the “America’s Got Talent” Houston auditions last night and had the opportunity to sing “What the hell” in front of 20 million television viewers.

She was a smash hit! The audience and AGT judges loved it and we’re sure we will be seeing more of her.

What do you think?

Will Dani Shay get her 15 minutes of fame?

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  1. Houston is a great town; I visited once and it was a big city back then even. The homemade costume made by the Tron guy Jay Maynard made him a celebrity he says. He has a lot of confidence but when Howie asked him to start over again twice was obviously to mock him and I don’t go for that. I forgot that I did manage to DVR one of the episodes instead of watching on which I was reminded of when I came across and it mentioned the Sling adapter. I have one on my employee account and when I was reading this persons’ review I remembered that I recorded an episode so I watched it right then on my iPhone. It was this one from Houston and honestly it was the best one overall; great job Houston!

  2. Ok Well i Love Dani Shay she's great and I because im bisexual i have a huge crush on her i think she's soo cute Love you Dani and im glad you made it past Hollywood <3 ;D

    P.S I Love Ur Music ;D


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