Saturday, May 21, 2011

“The Situation’s” Dad Just Got Served – Lawsuit Time!

Well, we’re going to file this one under we saw it coming a mile away.

The bitter mafia style family feud between Jersey Shore icon Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his father Frank “The Confrontation” Sorrentino just got ratcheted up a notch.

The Situation just served legal papers against his own father while he was attending a school charity event in Florida.

Frank “The Douchebag” Sorrentino just tweeted,

“Only Mike would serve his father at a charity event. #FTLF. Getting served in the dunk tank....priceless”

It’s not like it should have been a surprise. Frank has been all over twitter telling everybody about this event, where it was, and inviting people to come out for a day of fun.

Mike on the other hand has been the mature Guido in this battle saying through a rep,

"Mike is extremely saddened by his estranged father's actions. Frank has unfortunately decided to go public, to garner himself media attention. The Sorrentino family, Marc, Frank, Jr., Melissa, and their mother Linda, remain united with Mike under these hurtful circumstances."

Now it looks like The Situation is following up on his intent to ask a Judge to have Frank’s website, videos, and YouTube account removed for using Mike’s likeness and image without permission.

He is also looking to have removed because Frank is using it to post harmful and damaging videos about Mike.

We’ve seen it. The site is horrendous. There are broken links everywhere and cheap advertising for lesbian “friends” and advice on how to refinance your mortgage.

The video below is where it all started and we’re not sure how long it will still work, so if it’s broke… we’re not surprised.

Most of the videos on Frank’s YouTube channel have already been removed for violating their terms of service.

We also think MTV is waiting quietly in the wings to see how far Frank is willing to go before throwing their muscle into the mix.

But then again, this gets us one step closer to our “Guido Rat Theory” that InfoStar has suspected all along.

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Time will tell. Remember, this is Hollywood – or Jerseywood, and anything can happen, and what you see is rarely the truth.

Do you smell a rat?

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