Monday, May 23, 2011

Seth MacFarlane to Create New Flintstones Series for FOX.

May sweeps are in full swing, and the network upfronts are behind us.

One big piece of news that emerged last week was Fox’s intent to bring back the animated series the Flintstones with funnyman Set MacFarlane at the helm.

We can already hear the erocktion jokes…

Yes, we know there have been numerous remakes of the Flintstones over the years… but can you imagine what MacFarlane is capable of doing with the new series?

Seth, Fox’s $100 Million man, has received the green light to create and produce the new animated series for an expected 2013 showing.

Part of the deal with Fox also gives MacFarlane the right to create at least one movie version of the new Flintstones show. Anything has to be better than Rosie O’Donnell, John Goodman, and Rick Moranis.

Remember that 1994 mishap?

MacFarlane is no stranger to animated series, or pushing the envelope of what is acceptable on television.

His current series Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show are all current hits but not without their own controversy.

Family guy was cancelled two times by FOX before they realized they had a hit on their hands and let it roll on. And American Dad has come under scrutiny for its rude and tasteless jokes.

But America has fallen in love with Stan, Stewie, Lois, Meg, Bryan, Quagmire, Joe, and Francine, and we suspect we will also fall in love with the new Fred and Barney.

But MacFarlane may not be able to get away with the same kind of dark humor with this series as several entities including Hanna Barbara and Warner Brothers have an interest in keeping their brand somewhat wholesome.

Gary Newman of Twentieth Century Fox says,

“It’s going to be put under a microscope because people are so nostalgic about the brand. But Seth is going to be very respectful of the original. It’s a show that is perfect for recreating because it was a comment on the 1960’s through the prism of a Stone Age family. And now we have the ability to comment on the 21st century. It’s the type of property that’s perfect for someone like Seth MacFarlane who just loves social commentary.”

MacFarlane, who voices several of his original characters, has been quite as to who will participate on the project or provide the voices.

But, we do have a little insight on how Set MacFarlane has dealt with Fred and Barney in the past….

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