Monday, May 16, 2011

Cali Swag District Member M-Bone Dead of Gunshot Wound

Cali Swag District member M-Bone has been killed by a gunshot wound in his hometown of Inglewood California.

Cali Swag shot to stardom with their popular single “Teach Me How to Dougie” that resonated not only with fans but other hip-hop and R&B artists.

In fact, teen pop star Justin Bieber even devotes a segment of his concert show to teach his fans how to Dougie, and Ellen DeGeneres frequently features the Dougie on her syndicated show.

M-Bone, 19, who said he was a big fan of singers like Michael Jackson, New Edition and Kris Kross, considered himself to be the wild one of the group saying,

"If it ain't fun, then it ain't me! I bring the fun, the energy and the hype something I believe that's missing in entertainment today. I'm about to bring something new; something they've never seen before."

It appears that M-bone was the victim of a random drive-by shooting while the rapper was standing next to his car in front of a liquor store. Police say they shooter was alone in a car driving on Le Brea Avenue about 11:30 last night when he shot the hip-hop star.

Police have opened a murder homicide investigation into the incident.

Cali Swag is comprised of rappers C-Smoove, Yung and JayAre, and M-Bone who was the dancer of the group before his death. They are a young hip-hop performance machine originating from the streets of Inglewood California.

Watch Cali Swag District's official music video for "Teach Me How to Dougie (Remix)" featuring Jermaine Dupri, B.o.B, Red Cafe, and Bow Wow.

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