Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen Bombs in Wallingford Connecticut – Review

Poor Charlie Sheen.

He just can’t seem to find his grove.

Coming off disastrous shows that started in Detroit last week and ended up at Radio City Music hall last night, the fine people of Wallingford Connecticut were hoping for something better.

However, it looks like the “Torpedo of Truth – Defeat is not an Option” weapon was a dud at The Oakdale Theater.

Once again, most audience members say they should have stayed home and saved their money.

Sheen was again late to the stage, a failing that seems to be almost a standard 30 minute late entrance.

He started off with no warm-up act and just came out on the stage with his moderator and started answering questions. He never formally introduced his partner and the questions were just yelled from the audience.

There seemed to be very little organization to anything. There was a lot of drinking, and drunk people yelling “winning” and “tiger blood” – it was a zoo. Security was everywhere and you got the feeling they were ready for anything.

Sheen ranted about tiger blood, Adonis DNA, Vatican assassins, and his love of sex and drugs.

After almost 40 minutes of talking about smoking crack and partying with some of the most famous people in the world, the crowd started to grow restless.

There was booing and hissing and the moderator had to quite the audience down on more than one occasion.

There were people “escorted” out of the theater and there were signs that read “Hecklers will be removed”. That’s a bad sign when you need that kind of warning posted everywhere.

Sheen skipped over the fifteen minute movie montage that has got him into trouble at other shows, but he did show his edited parody version of his now infamous 20/20 interview.

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When he returned to the stage he picked up right where he left off and started telling more stories. The crowed began to grow even more impatient and the booing intensified. Some people started to walk out.

Charlie would have to stop every now and then and try to pump up the audience by pandering to them – but that stopped working after a certain point.

More people walked out. More people booed.

Sheen made one last attempt to rally the crowd and then abruptly said “Good night everybody” to yells, boos, and hisses.

Really? That’s it? It’s over?

Last night at Radio City Music Hall Sheen was over 30 minutes late to the show and then ended 30 minutes early. Maybe word spread to Wallingford to not expect much.

I got to say, if this is what his act is going to look like for the remaining 15 or so shows, Charlie’s got a problem. By the time he gets to the end he is either going to have lost all of his fans, or be dead – or both?

Just talking to people as they left the theater it was clear that Sheen had a hard time satisfying the people at The Oakdale Theatre.

Sheen is back in New York at Radio City Music Hall Sunday night and then off to Boston on Tuesday.

One of these shows is going to end in a disaster that we will all hear about on the eleven-o’clock news.

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