Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tony Curtis Cut Jamie Lee Curtis From His Will Just Days Before He Died

Famous actor Tony Curtis, and father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, cut all five of his children out of his will just days before he died on September 10, 2010.

Curtis had been suffering for years from alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

In 1984 he was rushed to hospital for advanced cirrhosis of the liver after decades of alcoholism and cocaine addiction, and underwent heart bypass surgery in 1994.

Curtis nearly died when he contracted pneumonia in 2006 and was in a coma for several days.

In July 2010, Curtis, who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), was hospitalized in Las Vegas after suffering an asthma attack and later died at his Henderson, Nevada home on September 29, 2010, of a cardiac arrest at the age of 85.

His updated will had the following clause added:

“I acknowledge the existence of my children . . . and have intentionally and with full knowledge chosen not to provide for them”

His daughter, Jamie Lee, has never made a public statement regarding the change and says this kind of thing is a private family matter.

The will allowed all assets to pass to Tony’s fifth wife Jill Vandenberg, 40.

Hollywood can be a cruel mistress.

Learn more about Jamie Lee Curtis.

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  1. my father in law remarried to a woman who got all his assets transferred into her name--totally leaving out his 3 children.....she married him knowing he was dying with cancer and he lived only 4 months after the marriage. luckily one son was plucky enough to get the father to see what he was doing to his kids and at least got the kids the house to split the money from. unfortunately this happens a lot and the 2nd wives usually and legally get it all.


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