Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Justin Bieber Ready to Start Touring Again – Europe 2011

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is only two days away from resuming his world tour that starts in London on March 4.

The singer ended an 86 date American tour last November, and during his three months of downtime was most definitely busy.

The Grammy Awards, a new 3D Movie “Never Say Never”, got shot and killed on CSI, new album, All-Star MVP, and much more. This guy never stops.

By Wednesday, the Biebs was still in L.A. celebrating his birthday – just two days away from kicking of his first show. One of his team members tweeted:

“Crew is all up and running. Stage is looking good. MY World tour is ready to take over the world. T-minus 2 days”

Just look at the list of countries Bieber will be hitting over the next three months, and ask yourself, “What were you doing when you were seventeen years old?”

Birmingham, United Kingdom, Dublin Ireland, Liverpool England, Newcastle Manchester, Nottingham, Oberhausen, Rotterdam Germany, Netherlands, Paris, Herning France, Denmark, Berlin, Madrid Spain, Barcelona, Zurich Switzerland, Milan Italy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Brisbane Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Manila, and Philippines.

This is just the first leg and more dates are to be announced.

Bieber is cruising into 2011 with an estimated bankroll of $150 million for his efforts over the last two years. Never Say Never has been out less than a month and has already grossed over $65 million.

Not bad work for a kid still in high school.

When you think about the buses, arenas, stages, crew, dancers, techs, managers, tutors, hotels, cars, meals, media, radio stations, and promotion that goes into a production like this, you really start to see the massive empire that this young man controls.

We say do it while you got it!

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