Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview – Video

We’ve seen old Uncle Charlie all over the place since last Friday – ABC, NBC, TMZ, CNN, and various radio shows, so it was only fitting that he ramped it up a bit Tuesday night with a special one hour rant on 20/20.

We have to say, we have watched all his interviews and heard all his answers and talking points, but we’re still not sure if we really understand why Sheen feels like he has to blanket the world in Charlie Sheen media – including his new Twitter account.

That’s right – Twitter. After only tweeting three words Sheen had over half a million followers.

For all of Charlie’s epic tiger blood, Adonis DNA, combined with his excessive “winning” and art at dodging “Vatican assassins”, and dying is for losers, we clearly see a man in some type of delusional denial.

When talk turned to his live-in porn star girlfriends, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, also known by porn name Bree Olsen, Sheen told 20/20,

"These are my girlfriends, these are the women that I love, that have competed the three parts of my heart."

Unfortunately, by the time the interview was over we really didn’t feel like we had heard anything new from Charlie. You can decide.

Watch Charlie Sheen 20/20 Video
Part 1

Part 2 - Charlie talks about his drug use

Part 3 - Inside the Sheen mansion

Part 4 - Sheen talking about suing CBS

Part 5 - Experts talk about Charlie's addiction

Part 6 - Can Charlie stay clean?

And I thought my life was exciting.

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