Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs Quits CNN - Watch Video

Lou Dobbs of CNN fame announced yesterday on his television program that he was leaving the network effective immediately.

Nobody really knows yet if he was pushed out, or if he left on his own accord. His contract was not set to expire until next year.

Recently, CNN has dropped to last place among all cable news networks, and some insiders feel that Lou was alienating the younger viewers.

Lou's rants about immigration, healthcare, war and politics seem to come across to younger viewers as if they were listening to their own fathers rant at the dinner table after a hard day at work.

Dobbs is a legacy CNN personality, starting under Ted Turner and riding the wave since the inception of the network. With the exception of a brief absence to start, Dobbs has had a show in some fashion or another since the early days.

I won't miss him. Lou was one of the reasons I stopped watching CNN. Another reason was Wolf Blitzer. I finally grew tired of his monotone voice and personality. When they paired him with Jack Cafferty I felt like I was watching two curmudgeons complaining about everything in the world. There was not one positive, happy, hopeful word from them - ever.

A decision on who will replace Dobbs is expected to be announced Thursday.

The video below is Dobbs exit speech. I suspect we will see him again someday, and then I will stop watching him there also.

Watch Video Of Lou's Exit Speach


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