Friday, October 30, 2009

Dennis Hopper Has Prostate Cancer

After briefly being hospitalized last month for dehydration, actor Dennis Hopper says he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Hopper has recently been seen on the series "Crash" on the Starz network, and several episodes are already in the can and will be seen through the end of the year.

His manager told reporters that the actor has cancelled all upcoming travel and entertainment projects to focus on his treatment.

Hopper, 73, will be treated through a special prostate cancer program at the University of Southern California (USC). His agent did not elaborate on his condition.

Hopper was forced to cancel his appearance at an exhibition of his artwork and photography at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. Called "Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood," the show celebrates "the work and life of an extraordinary filmmaker, artist and key figure in the evolution of America's cultural scene from the 1950s to today."

Dennis Hopper, who was born in Dodge City Kansas, is best known for his role as Billy in the film "Easy Rider" in 1969, about two counterculture bikers who travel from L.A. to New Orleans in search of America.

Hoppers latest project, "Alpha and Omega", is in post production and scheduled for release in 2010 and also stars Hayden Panettiere, Christina Ricci, Justin Long and Danny Glover. The animated adventure follows two mismatched young wolves thrown are together by circumstance.

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