Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna Shock Photo Of Biceps And Arms

A shocking photo of mega star Madonna has surfaced showing what appears to be a badly dehydrated and unconditioned body.

In the pictures her arms are skinny and her biceps appear as strange masses.

"When muscles look that way, it's often the result of very restrictive eating and dehydration," said a doctor and sports nutrition expert.

The singer was photographed in London last Sunday night after having dinner with boyfriend Jesus Luz.

Fans were shocked when they saw her bulging biceps and forearms on display in her short-sleeved top. Madonna has told reporters that she works out for two hours a day, six days a week.

The 50 year-old superstar is currently traveling with her "Sticky & Sweet world tour" that kicked of in Whales and sports a staff and entourage of over 250 people.


  1. Madonna's Buff-Beyond-Belief Biceps: Healthy?
    madonna biceps photos

  2. Well, Madonna might have been in bodybuilding and body weights through all her years since she obtained such kind of bionic muscle toning more particularly her biceps and a protruding veins.


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