Friday, August 14, 2009

Hannah Montana Cherries And Disney. Really?

Just when you thought celebrity product endorsement could not get any stranger - it has.

Miley Cyrus and the brains at Disney have decided to promote both the Hannah Montana brand and the Cherry industry at the same time.

We're not joking. "Hannah Montana" cherries are coming to a store near you! Disney has created the brand of "Hannah Montana" cherries featuring Miley Cyrus along with her "Hannah Montana: The Movie" persona.

Two years ago, Disney started branding its stars and movies with only healthy foods and ended ties with traditional outlets like McDonald's.

With all the nude, semi-nude, and suggestive photos that have been leaked to the net, and now a pole dancing appearance on the Teen Choice Awards, does it really make since to tie Miley Cyrus to cherries?

What's next? Michael Vick Dog Treats. Sometimes you just have to wonder about this industry.

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