Friday, March 20, 2009

Video - Barack Obama On Jay Leno's Tonight Show

Jay Leno welcomed Barack Obama to the Tonight Show Thursday night, and it was interesting.

The President sat down with Jay and talked about politics, the economy and adjusting to his new lifestyle.

Obama talked about "Life in the bubble", with secret service not letting him walk anywhere, and following close behind with a defibulator. We also got to see Kevin Eubanks wearing a suit for the first time in history.

Barack mentioned being president is a lot like being on American Idol, where everybody is a Simon Cowell.

One hot topic was the AIG bonuses, and The President said he was "stunned" when the insurance giant moved forward with the bonus payouts. He actually did a pretty good job of explaining the whole AIG mess.

Jay also brought up the million-dollar question, "Shouldn't people be going to jail?"

Other topics included Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner, the Washington blame game, toxic assets, lack of credit and bank lending, health care and energy.

Jay asked about flying on Air Force One and the White House bowling ally, where Obama said he still plays like he was in the Special Olympics after bowling a 129.

North Carolina Tar Heels are the Presidents winning pick for the final four.

The entire interview is available below, and is well worth the time to watch it.

Watch The Entire Interview With Barack Obama And Jay Leno


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