Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tina Fey Talks Sarah Palin With David Letterman - Video

Tina Fey tells David Letterman that this whole Sarah Palin thing "Is the strangest thing that ever happened to me".

Fey told Dave how the Palin impersonation came about and how she ended up on Saturday Night Live. "You drop the G's and use a lot of R's and add a little Reese Witherspoon. Fey says Palin got "Lost in the corn maze…" during the Katie Couric interview.

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Fey does not believe that her skits are helping or hurting the election process, but that some people think it is a bit racist. Tina also shared with Letterman that it was Palin who contacted SNL in an attempt to book a guest appearance. That show is scheduled to air tonight.

Tina Falin, the new nickname given to Fey by friends, has also just started her new season on "30 Rock". She has announced an all-star group of friends and celebrities she has booked for the new season including Oprah and Steve Martin.

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Watch Tina Fey On "The David Letterman Show" Video


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