Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Swingtown" TV Series Close To Being Cancelled

It's looking less and less likely that CBS will renew the series "Swingtown" for another season. The beleaguered 1970's based show has been ratings disaster for the network, and in the end may all come down to simple numbers.

News reports are surfacing that the network is shopping the series around to cable networks. This is a bad sign for "Swingtown", as a last ditch effort to get a show picked up on cable is usually a sign the show is getting ready for a permanent hiatus.

CBS moved the show to Friday nights, the death slot for any show, where it's ratings dropped even more. This shows CBS might not have had high hopes for the show about two generations of friends and neighbors in a Chicago suburb who explore new sexual freedoms and seek connections with each other in the middle of the social and sexual revolution.

Swingtown may have been too risky and provocative for the normally conservative network. The show contains content dealing with sex, adultery, drugs, adultery, orgies and wife swapping. This is not normal fair for CBS, and the show may well be better suited for cable.

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