Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clay Aiken Announces Publicly That He Is Gay

Clay Aiken can now be added to the ranks of the Hollywood openly gay and proud celebrities.

And just days after our annual Top Ten Openly Gay Hollywood Actors list was announced. We considered adding him as a suspected runner up, but passed.

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It is being reported that Aiken has revealed that he is gay in an upcoming cover story for People magazine scheduled to hit supermarkets on Wednesday.

"We can confirm that Clay Aiken and his son are featured on the next issue of People", is all the magazine has said publicly about the leaked magazine cover and headline that screams "Yes, I'm gay. I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things".

The 29-year-old music sensation and Broadway performer had his sexuality come under increased examination when he admitted to fathering a child with Jaymes Foster, sister of famous music producer David Foster.

Parker Foster Aiken was born Aug. 8 2008 in North Carolina, with Aiken acting as the sperm donor for the artificial insemination, writing on his blog that all families involved were "thrilled."

The multi-platinum singer recently released the CD "On My Way Here", and made his Broadway debut this spring in "Monty Python's Spamalot." He has also appeared in one episode of the medical comedy "Scrubs", and acted as producer and star on "A Clay Aiken Christmas" in 2004. Aiken first grabbed headlines on the smash hit reality series "American Idol" in 2004.

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