Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Jeffrey Ross And Kim Kardashian Get The Boot

One-eyed comic Jeffrey Ross was the first to be eliminated this season on "Dancing with the Stars."

The harsh comedian and Comedy Central Roast member never looked like he was any good from the beginning, but he did have a good reason for being so bad. His dance partner Edyta Sliwinska poked him in the eye during rehearsal earlier in the day, scratching his cornea and causing the comic to wear an eye-patch.

Ross danced anyway, despite doctors' orders, without the eye patch, and took home the lowest scores, and no sympathy from viewer voters.

"What a nightmare," Ross commented, "They told me Edyta was going to be easy on the eyes. I figured for sure it'd be her husband who poked me in the eye, not you."

The other celebrity walking away with Ross was Kim Kardashian, of bad reality show and leaked sex tape fame, who despite her good looks was criticized by the judges for not having any chemistry with her dance partner.

Kardashian commented, "My biggest challenge with the mambo is just shaking my butt, everybody thinks I know how, but I just really don't. I think I need Booty training 101".

That may be the understatement of the year. When the music started off, she shook her rear-end, but didn't keep up the pace at all.

The big winner, with 26 points, was Brooke Burke, who really showed she could dance, and used her body to her advantage.

And the there was cute little Cody Lindley who wants to be man so badly you can just smell it. The eighteen-year-old teen-idol and heartthrob is struggling thru those "awkward" years, but few think that dancing is the way to "man-up" his image.

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