Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shia LaBeouf Learns The CIA Is Recording Celebrity Phone Calls

When Shia LaBeouf started his latest film "Eagle Eye", he met with CIA operatives to get an inside look at the organizations procedures and tactics. But the actor was shocked to learn what they have on him - and other Hollywood celebrities.

LaBeouf thought while filming "Eagle Eye," the tactics that CIA ops engaged in was pure cinematic fiction, until he met up with them to do a little research for his role.

Shia soon realized that Government operatives have all the inside dirt - phone conservations, e-mails, pictures and worse - on all the top celebrities and Hollywood power brokers.

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"It is reality," Shia told the National Enquirer. "The scary thing is sitting down with CIA operatives who use this stuff in real life. They played me back phone conversations I've had. It was extremely embarrassing."

Most people believed this type of Government snooping went out with J. Edgar Hoover, but it looks like Washington is still keeping tabs on what happens in the high-priced game of Hollywood movie making. Watch out Jamie Lynn Spears, they may just have that picture of you breast-feeding your baby!

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In addition to "Eagle Eye", LaBeouf is ready with "New York, I Love You", with an all-star cast including Kevin Bacon, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Christensen, Ethan Hawke, Cloris Leachman, Blake Lively, Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci.

"New York" is an anthology film combining several love stories set in one of the most loved cities of the world, New York, where twelve filmmakers will direct a short 5 minute film illustrating the universal theme of encountering love within the five boroughs of New York City.

Next June, Shia LaBeouf will star with Megan Fox and Rainn Wilson in the action thriller sequel "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", where the battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun.

We suspect the CIA will be most interested in snooping around the set of "Transformers" in an effort to learn how to transform normal everyday items into weapons of mass destruction. Some secretes are never safe, especially in Hollywood.

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